Wer bin ich?

Hey, I’m the Photographing Fiddler!

I’m capturing the overlooked wonders of nature, one frame at a time.

My story:

Nature’s been my go-to place since I could walk. I have fond memories of fishing with my grandpa, berry picking with my family, driving around with my parents to spot cranes, moose, or with enough luck, a bear. And I just love escaping to the forest, I’ve always felt at home outdoors. Together with my dog I roam nature during any free time I have (except when I’m playing music) and of course I always have my camera with me.

So what defines my photography? There is so much nature everywhere, even close to (or in) the cities. You don’t need to venture far to find hares, foxes, birds, or amazing views. I wouldn’t call it strictly urban nature photography, but a lot of my pictures are captured within walking distance from a parking space close to a city.

In the end, I want to use my photography get people to notice and care more about the environment that surrounds them, and I believe the best way to do this is with photos that evoke a sense of calm and wonder, sprinkled with a dash of happiness.

My other side (the music):

When I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me fiddling away to Swedish, Appalachian, or Irish traditional music. You can find this side of me at https://www.fiddlestomper.com/.

Want to keep in touch?

  • If you’d like to stay updated on my latest work, feel free to follow me on Instagram (@photographingfiddler) or Flickr.
  • Interested in prints? Just shoot me a message through the contact form.

And hey, if you’re in the educational or environmental sector, I’ve made a selection of my photos available for free. You can access them right here [LINK].

And there’s one more thing!

Let’s not forget the most important contributor to Photographing Fiddler.

Our dog Kuha, the one co-worker that makes sure that I get myself out of the door for a nature walk every morning, lunch, and evening!